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ent ri●se above pov◆erty. But Afric●ans also need● better edu●cation and job ◆skills to succe■ed in our globali〓zed economy.○Huawei Tec■hnologies h●as invited○ young Cam○eroonians ●to participate■ in a trainin


g pr●oject, known a●s "Seeds of t◆he Future," accordin●g to Business ○in Cameroon Website◆.After a car◆eful selec◆tion process, ●10 young Cameroo●nians will receive ○information and c〓ommunication〓s training (ICT) at■ Huawei's 〓headquarters ●in Shenzhen, China.T●rainees will ●participate●

in a 1-week◆ program, attendi○ng lectures an■d practical cla●sses to strengt〓hen their knowledge●, according to〓 Li Dafeng●, senior vice pres■ident of Huawei● Group.Studen◆ts can also● interact with〓 Huawei's enginee■rs and learn m●ore about the latest■ innovations deve●loped by the hi-t○ech giant.S■AIL connectionsCo●nstructing an 〓undersea fibe●roptics cable〓 line is no easy tas●k, especially ◆when telec●om cable oper〓ators must stretch◆ it to 6,000-km. i●n length. But,?/p>

?Chinese companies 〓have introduced ○majo

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r equip●ment upgrades in the● field.The pe■ople of Brazil and● Cameroon w■ill benefit tr◆emendously fr●om such adv■ances, whi●le Chinese investor◆s and companies can ■expand into key〓 emerging markets i●n Sout


h America a◆nd Africa.●China's South-Sout◆h Cooperation wil◆l open doors fo●r Cameroon when○ SAIL is fully■-connected an◆d performing to ca●pacity. Those li■ving in Cen●tral Africa ca■n dial up their phon◆es, click on the i○nternet to e○njoy a more conv〓enient connec■tion with ■people, or to cond●uct busine■ss in a more efficie〓nt manner.According〓ly, SAIL w◆ill serve as● the vital conn●ector for Camero●on's future ◆and path to p■rosperity.T●he opinions expre■ssed here do not n■ecessarily re●flect the opin〓ions of Pa○nview or CCTV.com)●Please scan th◆e QR Code t○o follow us on I■nstagramPlease sc■an the QR Co?/p>

e to follow us o●n WechatChin●a's companies● won't be dwa◆rfed by American bul●lyingChina's com●panies won't be d○warfed by American ●bullyingChina●'s companie■s won't be dwar●fed by Ameri○can bullying05-23-2○019 10:12 BJ●TThe United S○tates is taking ai●m at Chinese enter○prises after trade● tensions ●escalated between W〓ashington ◆and Beijing about tw■o weeks ag■o.After imposing 〓trade restricti○ons on China's l●eading tech f〓irm Huawei, this 〓week the United◆ States g

overnment■ issued a warn●ing that Chi■nes

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ople on the?/span>

e-made dron●es could pos■e a cyber-espionag■e risk to America●n businesse◆s. Though it didn◆'t mention a speci○fic company, th●e Shenzhen-based m●arket-leader D◆JI is widely beli◆eved to be th●e target. Was●hington is also● considering ●blacklisting the ●Chinese surv■eillance technolo●gy company Hikvi■sion and blo○


cking it fro◆m purchasing fro〓m American compa○nies. Some Americ〓a

n politicians are e◆ven calling for a●n investigatio■n into

whet○her a plan● to use trains ma●de

by China●'s CRRC on the ●Ne

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